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Types of Steak

It is very important when buying or cooking steak to know the different steak types. The following is a description of each type of steak.

  • Chateaubriand steak is a cut of beef from the middle of the tenderloin. It is a thick steak that is big enough to serve two people.
  • Chuck steak is a cut of meat from the neck to the ribs. This cut of steak is commonly used in ground beef. Chuck contains collagen which melts during the cooking of the meat and gives it a strong flavor. Typically used for slow cooking, braising, stewing, and pot roasting.
  • Filet Mignon comes from the small part of the tenderloin. It is the most tender cut of beef because this section of the cow receives very little exercise. It is also the most expensive steak cut.
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  • Flank Steak is from the belly of the cow. It is one of the tougher, least tender cuts of meat. Flank steak is commonly used for London Broil.
  • Flat iron steak is a beef cut from the shoulder of cow. Also referred to a ‘top blade’ roast.
  • Rib eye steak is a cut of steak from the ribs. Ribeye is very tender, contains lots of marbling, and is thus very flavorful. See how to cook rib eye steak.
  • Round steak comes from the backside of the cow. This cut of steak is quite lean which makes it easy to dry out when roasting or grilling. Commonly used to make beef jerky.
  • Sirloin steak is a cut of beef from the hip section. The sirloin can be further divided into the top sirloin and bottom sirloin. The top sirloin is typically more desirable than the bottom sirloin. See how to cook sirloin steak.
  • Strip steak is also known as the striploin, New York or Kansas City strip steak. It is a cut from the short loin and is a very tender cut of beef.
  • T-bone and Porterhouse is a T-shaped bone which has meat on each side. The larger side of meat comes from the short loin, and the smaller side comes from the tenderloin. Because of the way it’s cut, Porterhouse steaks typically contains a larger section of the tenderloin than a T-bone steak.