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How To Cook Steak

It not hard to learn how to cook steak. Cooking steak is quite easy to do yourself and it doesn’t have to be time consuming affair. Follow our delicious steak recipe and your family will ask you to cook steak more often.

Not a lot of fancy ingredients are required to cook steak either. Below are the ingredients you need for this steak recipe:

1. 25mm thick cuts of steak
2. Salt, pepper and garlic salt
3. Cooking oil
4. Lemon juice and water

Once you have gathered all the ingredients together, follow these steps to make your steak.

1. Take care to wash each piece of steak properly before cooking. Dry the steak and then puncture it on all sides with a fork. Then apply some salt and pepper and rub it completely into the steak.

2. Heat up your frying pan and pour in your cooking oil. Wait until the pan is medium hot, and then place your steak into the pan. Make sure that it is covered with a lid. Cook the steak for about a minute, and then remove it from the heat. Once the sizzling stops, remove the lid and flip the steak over. Recover the pan with the lid and cook for a few more minutes.

3. Remove the lid and add in some garlic, salt, lemon juice and water. Cover the pan, and cook the steak for another ten minutes. Turn it occasionally to make sure the steak is properly cooked on all sides. When the meat is done, remove the lid and allow the steak to cool.

4. A cooked steak needs to rest for a few minutes after cooking. If you cut into the steak too early, the meat will lose a lot of moisture.

5. Make sure to cut the steak across the grain. Cutting with the grain makes the steak harder to chew.

As you can see, cooking steak is not very difficult at all. The ingredients are easy to find, and everyone loves a well cooked steak. Try this steak recipe today, and see if you like it.